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Fran Richman's 90th Birthday Celebration 2018 at High Tides

Please, Enjoy the previews and watch this space for the rest of Fran's Bombastic Celebration.
Coming Soon.....

Dave Cicalese's Birthday Celebration 2017 at High Tides

Please, Enjoy the previews and watch this space for the rest of Dave's collection,
Coming Soon.....

Chuck Meo's Birthday Celebration 2017 at High Tides

"The Return of Chuckie"

It's been a few years since his last Birthday Dance, still fun though, even though this one was a little abbreviated.
But finally, Heee's Baaaack !


New Year's Eve 2017 at Beat Street

"A Night To Remember 2017"

What a blast we had at Beat Street.
Major kudos to Yosi and Michelle for a fantabulous gathering to bring in the New Year.


Pen Ryn Monster Mash 2017


The kids (big and small) were back for another rousing "Mash".


Halloween Hustle 2017 at High Tides

Our first Halloween gathering at High Tides.
The many returned for more merriment and mayhem.
See you next year. BOO !


Brian Gallagher's Birthday Celebration 2017 at High Tides

"Brian & Anthony 2017"

Not just Brian, but Anthony joined in and celebrated his birthday as well.
Brian took the dancing end, while Anthony took the cake.

Let's Dance CLICK HERE>>>

Karen Canino Mirabelli's Birthday Celebration 2017 at High Tides Restaurant

"Karen 2017"

Check out Karen lighting up the dance floor in her first, and judging by the great time she had, certainly not her last, birthday dance.
Great job Karen - HAPPY BIRTHDAY !


Chris Bates' Birthday Celebration 2017 at High Tides Restaurant

""The King of House Hustle 2017""

Chris gets the ball rolling by ordering up the first birthday dance at our new venue.

A little House Hustle? CLICK HERE>>>

Ron Bess' Surprise Birthday Dinner 2017 at Toscano 52

"DanceMan 2017"

A good time was had by all as friends and family surprised "The Mayor of Disco" with a birthday dinner in his honor.


The Last Dance - Jie Du-Tennant's Birthday Celebration 2017 at Michael's Cafe

"The Last Dance"

What a way to wind up an era.
We celebrated this night, not only with our last double feature, (Dawn and Jie) but also our last theme night, (White Night), to ever be held at Michael's Cafe, as the doors were to be closed forever just three weeks and a few nights later on May 27th.
Jie will forever hold the distinction of having danced the last ever, hustle night, birthday dance at Michael's Cafe.
It is with bitter-sweet feelings that we leave our familiar haunt with so many varied and numerous, memories we have shared over the last 20+ years.
It has been my pleasure to capture, preserve, and share many of these memories with all of you over the years. And, it is my hope that you have enjoyed viewing them as much as I have enjoyed bringing them to you.
In the near future I will be compiling some of my favorite images and memories, as well as perhaps other surprises and some interesting statistical trivia as it relates to the many birthday dances we have all so much enjoyed.
Let us raise a glass to Michael's Cafe for providing us a venue that we have appreciated, and will never forget.
Until we meet again.....Keep Dancing !


Dawn's Birthday Celebration 2017 at Michael's Cafe

"Dawn 2017"

Not only was it "White Night" at Michael's, unbeknownst to us, it was also the last night that any birthday celebrations would be held at our favorite venue, where we have danced the night away for the past 20+ years.
Michael's would close it's doors for good just 3 weeks later. Dawn's was the first of two birthday celebrations this night.

The End Of An Era - The Final Hustle Night At Michael's Cafe

May 24, 2017, the end of an era. An incredible run of 20+ years of hustle dancing came to an end.
These are but a small segment of the many dancers and friends who came out to celebrate the good times we have had over the years.
As we now look forward to the future, and a new venue, hope to see you there.

Disco Dave Sarul's Birthday Celebration 2017 at Michael's Cafe

"Disco Dave 2017"

Disco Dave, my fellow Aries birthday person is back to rock the house once again.
Obviously, he had a good time.

Guessing he is an old house hustle man: CLICK HERE>>>

My Birthday Celebration 2017 at Michael's Cafe

"Out From Behind The Lens, 2017"

What a night.
I'd like to express my sincere thanks to everyone who came out in celebration of my milestone birthday on April 12th. I was very touched by all of your cards and good wishes, which were, and are, very much appreciated. As you know, I am usually behind the camera, instead of in front of it. It was a very special treat for me for sure. Thanks to everyone, who contributed, in any way, to making my night special: to my dinner/dancing/bowling family for their warm company at dinner, and for providing the cake, including the great artwork by Ron Morrison; to DJ Mark for artfully playing my music; to Donna Boyle, Bill Jamieson, Robert Moss, Kathy Peoples, and John Salmons, who contributed in capturing all of the action; to anyone else who wished me well, or provided their support, and last, but certainly, not least, to all of the lovely ladies who lined up to dance with me. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every dance. Kisses and hugs to every one of you. It was a very special treat for me. To all who participated, you really made my night. I am already looking forward to next year.
Love and Thanks to you all.
Best regards, and keep dancing.

Wingo Hom's Birthday Celebration 2017 at Michael's Cafe

"Wingo 2017"

The Dance Doctor chose to forego the usual birthday dance, and instead opted to invite
everyone on the floor for a group dance instead. This was the result.


Rose Bennett Kidd's Birthday Celebration 2016 at Michael's Cafe

Rose 2016

"In That Red Dress"

Heating up the floor in a hot red dress, and her friends didn't do too bad either.


Loren Gardner's Birthday Celebration 2016 at Michael's Cafe

To view Loren's birthday dance video:
Click the "video" link on the button bar above, or watch it directly from youtube by clicking this link:

Rose Nazario's Birthday Celebration 2016 at Michae'ls Cafe

"Rose 2016"

The floor was all a glitter, Rose was all a flitter, as she lit up the dance floor in a multi-colored neon dress.


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